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Using tile flooring to achieve the look of real wood

It seems that nearly every flooring option on the market these days offers “the look of real wood”, and tile flooring is certainly no different. However, with tile, you have some added advantages that you might not have with other flooring types

Tile flooring is naturally water resistant

Both ceramic and porcelain tile flooring have great water resistance. When you want hardwood floors in your home, however, water and moisture can be a real deal breaker. That makes tile a better option right off the bat.

Since tile is kiln-fired, its density is superior, and this is what creates the resistance to water. While some absorption does occur, it’s usually never enough to warrant a problem. It’s the next best thing to 100% waterproof flooring on the market today.

Wood-Look Tile Flooring

So, how do tile flooring pieces come to look like real hardwood floors? It’s all in the glaze. With today’s technology, glazing offers design options that were simply unheard of in the past. Not only are there vibrant colors and design schemes available in tile, the look of real wood is a very real possibility.

Once the tiles are formed and shaped, they are fired in a kiln to produce density and finish. The glaze, which is usually glass, is then added to incorporate the desired design. In the case of wood-look tiles, many options are available. You can choose light or dark looks, the look of different species and even looks that mimic distressed or reclaimed wood, which is highly sought after.

Special features of Tile Flooring

Another great thing about tile flooring is that the design and decoration options are nearly endless. In addition to tile with the look of real wood, you can also embellish with other designs. Framing certain areas of your home is not off limits, and you can even combine tiles with both wood and stone looks. With these, you can give your living room or dining area that “courtyard feel” with ease.

We will help you choose the prefect tile flooring

At Munday hardwoods, we know how important the wood look is when it comes to flooring. If you’re in the market for tile flooring, but would like to have the elegant look of hardwood, we can help you do that. Simply stop by our showroom in Lenoir, NC to have a look at our tile flooring line with an amazing real wood look.
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