hickory hardwood flooring

For Professional Hardwood Floor Installation Hickory, NC Comes to Us!​

For hardwood floor installation, Hickory, NC trusts Munday Hardwoods. The reason so many people come to us for their hardwood flooring installation is they know we know what we are doing. It is a simple fact that installing hardwood floors requires special training, special skills, and a high level of expertise. Anything less than this may result in poor results and disappointment.

Hardwood Floor Installation: Special Training

No one is born with the knowledge of working with hardwood flooring; this knowledge has to be gained through training. Many people believe that any flooring installer can work on hardwood floor installation in Hickory,NC, but this is not true.

There are many ways to secure a hardwood floor these days, and they each require training before one can master any of them. For instance, the techniques used for a nail down installation are vastly different than those used for a floating hardwood floor or glue down hardwood floor.

Hardwood Floor Installation: Special Skills

If you want the best results with your hardwood floor installation in Hickory, NC, you need to hire professionals who have the right skills to get the job done correctly. Just a few of the many skills that a hardwood floor installer needs to know include: laying out accurate guide lines, laying out planks in random patterns and lengths; accurate sawing and cutting; removal and replacement of baseboard/shoe molding; and many more.

Hardwood Floor Installation: Special Expertise

Many of those who need hardwood floor installation in Hickory, NC also need their unfinished hardwood flooring to be finished. This takes a great deal of expertise as it requires several important steps: laying the hardwood flooring is only the first step. Several sanding runs must follow, each one bringing the floor to a smoother level. Then stain or varnish is applied. All of this requires a high level of experience and expertise.

Your hardwood flooring is an investment; make sure you get the best installation possible. If you would like to know more about professional hardwood floor installation in Hickory, NC, contact Munday Hardwoods.