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Can hardwood floors be installed over concrete?

If you have a concrete slab instead of a basement, you may be wondering if you can install solid hardwood flooring. While it is possible, there are many things to consider and procedures that need to be taken to prevent moisture damage. Munday Hardwoods is a wood expert, so we'll advise you on the best way to proceed.

Why is moisture such an issue?

is absorbent and can expand and fall apart by moisture. Likewise, concrete can be damp and wick up to the surface floor, causing warping, cupping, and crowning. It can also wreak havoc on your home, creating an environment for mold and mildew growth which harms the respiratory system, damages furnishing, and creates a smell you'll never get rid of.

A good solution is to place a moisture barrier, a plastic sheet that slows the moisture movement, between the concrete slab and the floor. Moisture readings should also be taken regularly throughout any solid hardwood installation process, whether concrete slabs or not.

Look also at the placement of the concrete slab. Is it above ground or below? Typically, solid wood isn't advised for installation below grade, so be sure to mention that to your hardwood flooring company, as it may require special instructions. Another consideration is concrete age, especially if you're moving into new construction. Concrete has to be fully cured so that water doesn't keep evaporating before the wood can be placed. The curing process typically takes around two months.

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