Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring can change everything

We all have had those moments when the dishwasher starts leaking (usually when we’re not home), the kids come in from the pool with soaking wet feet and towels, or the gallon of milk gets spilled. You’ll be stress-free and secure in the knowledge that you have waterproof flooring because these floors will never peel or ripple, no matter how much water there is or for how long. Read further to see how this will transform both your home and your life.

Hard-working flooring style

This is a more recent, more advanced version of luxury vinyl (LVF) with the same high-end style and images inspired by nature. This makes the floors look just as great in the living and dining areas as they do the kitchen or bath; it's ideal for the bedroom, where the priority is both style and comfort. You won’t be stepping out on something cold and hard first thing in the morning.

While all luxury vinyl floors are 100% waterproof, this version comes with a technologically advanced core, WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite), which offers an even higher moisture protection level. There are no time limits, so even if the dishwasher does flood when you’re not home, it won't make any difference. Just wipe it up, and the floor will be good as new.

Just like LVF, the material can be cut and mounted into boards to mimic hardwood planks. This is usually referred to as engineered plank flooring, and the boards come in various sizes, including extra-large. You can also get it cut into square, groutable pieces to echo stone or tile, and many feel the extra seams add even more to the realism.

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What does waterproof mean?

It refers to being completely impervious to liquid. These materials are constructed of watertight materials, in this case, both vinyl, vinyl composite cores, and the advanced WPC and SPC cores. There are no special coatings or backings with inherent capabilities. Many customers ask us if the WPC or SPC is better. While they both have the same waterproof protection levels, the difference is in the feeling underfoot. WPC is softer and more flexible, while SPC has a robust and rigid feel of a hard surface.

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