Cleaning and Maintaining your New Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT- The Next Evolution in Vinyl Flooring

Munday Hardwoods, Inc. in Lenoir, NC is proud to offer several lines of Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles. Luxury Vinyl Tile, also known as LVT, is a highly resilient flooring material that comes in a variety of styles and performance levels. LVT is the best performing and best looking vinyl flooring on the market, with various designs such as realistic wood grain to rustic stone and slate patterns. LVT is designed to resist wear due to traffic, pets, moisture, and all other elements that can degrade and damage floors.

Caring for LVT- First 24 Hours After Installation

Care within the first 24 hours of LVT installation may vary with the product you choose and whether or not adhesive is involved. See the list below for some universal tips to maximize the beauty and durability of your new residential or commercial LVT floors.
  1. If adhesive was used, allow only light traffic on the new floor within the first 24 hours. If seam sealer was used, completely avoid traffic on seams for the first day.
  2. If possible, wait about 3 days to wash or scrub the new floor. Spot cleaning is okay, but take care to avoid seams.
  3. When moving furniture on the new floor, use wood or hardboard runways, even if using a dolly to move large appliances.

Caring for LVT- Lifetime Maintenance

LVT is widely popular within Residential and Commercial environments because of the low maintenance, high durability, and beautiful appearance. Some simple tips for long-term maintenance and care will ensure that your floor continues to perform optimally and look its best.
  1. Sweep or wipe away any loose dirt on a daily or weekly basis.
  2. Clean any spills promptly to avoid staining. Use a clean cloth and turn frequently to avoid spreading the spill.
  3. When a deep clean is desired, use a gentle floor cleaner. We recommend Bona floor cleaner for vinyl floors.
The beauty of this floor is its simple maintenance and high performance. Luxury Vinyl comes in tiles and planks in a variety of performance levels and designs to exceed your expectations. A specialist here at Munday Hardwoods, Inc in Lenoir, NC would love to consult with you in our showroom or over the phone to discover the luxury vinyl tiles or planks that offer the perfect features to accommodate your lifestyle. We are waiting to hear from you!
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