Handscraped hardwood floors continue to grow in popularity! The timeless beauty of a handscraped floor is a reflection of the homeowner's classic style. The craftsmanship of installing a handscraped hardwood floor is amazing, and brings out the hardwood’s natural beauty and individual characteristics.

This handscraping of the wood can be done against the grain of the boards, or with the grain of the boards. The handscraping of the floor accentuates the wood’s natural beauty, and each method makes the floor look different.

Hand scraped gets its name from the once-common technique of using a draw knife to scrape a plank into levelness. The woodworker pulls the draw knife, a single blade with a handle at either end, toward himself to remove shavings to make a level surface; yet, hand scraped wood is not perfectly smooth. The surface has slight unobtrusive ridges or waves that run the length of the plank contributing to it’s rustic beauty.