Lenoir hardwood flooring

Homeowners in Lenoir, NC Love the Distinctive Style of Hickory Wood Flooring

Hickory wood flooring comes from the hickory tree. The tree is domestic; the “bitternut” variety is the most common, and that’s the one you’ll find in Lenoir, NC. Hickory is pale, with color variations and a unique graining. In fact, it often looks as though one has used a mix of light and dark stains, but it’s just the distinctive graining. Every plank is different and hickory wood flooring can add warmth and light to just about any atmosphere.

It is that rare style that is so popular with homeowners today, especially those in Lenoir, NC, and you’ll find hickory wood flooring at Munday Hardwoods.

Hickory wood flooring is also one of the toughest woods around, making it a perfect choice for those with children or some other heavy foot traffic. Especially forgiving of scratches, although they do happen-- as they will with any flooring--scratches are well hidden by the grain variations.

Because hickory wood flooring is so tough and dense, it can be difficult with which to work. You need a skilled flooring technician who can cut, sand, and work with those intricate graining patterns. That’s where Munday Hardwoods, with a location in Lenoir, NC, comes in; this expert has over 30 years experience with pre-finished and unfinished woods, solids, engineered, and hand-scraped hardwood flooring (as well as other types of flooring).

Too bad there’s not a magic floor that cleans itself, says Melissa Michaels of Better Homes & Garden Blog, The Inspired Room.
Source: www.theinspiredroom.net

Hickory wood flooring is easy, though. Just sweep and clean from time to time, and some say because the wood is so light, the dust does not show up as much as it would on a darker hardwood.