Are random widths standard with hardwood flooring?

Are random widths standard with hardwood flooring?

You probably visualize your wood flooring with planks all the same size. Random width layouts, however, employ planks of different sizes; designers use them to create unique arrangements.

What's random width?

Groups of three different plank sizes are used. The most common is a set containing three, five, and seven-inch wide planks.

Some, however, use different sizes. For example, our hardwood flooring company tells us that it comes down to design goals and room size.

A significant advantage of random width is that it makes a room seem larger. So this is the perfect solution for those who want a wide plank in a small, narrow space.

Homeowners and designers like this arrangement. It gives a more contemporary spin to classic design elements, such as solid or engineered hardwood.

About wide planks

We mention it here because there's a relationship between wide planks and random width. Wide planks are anything over five inches and can be used in either solid hardwood flooring or engineered wood.

A larger plank makes your space look larger, airy, and less cluttered. In addition, the random width layout affects visual perception.

Herringbone and Chevron layouts: trending hot

First, we need to clear up a misconception: herringbone and chevron are two separate and distinct layouts. However, they look somewhat similar, so people use the terms interchangeably.

The planks are angled and joined in a chevron layout to create a point. Herringbone connects two planks at 90-degree angles; this layout makes a focal point for a floor.

Herringbone layouts make the room feel larger because the angles of the wood flooring planks are narrow.

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