Four tips for choosing the perfect hardwood floor

Four tips for choosing the perfect hardwood floor

Homeowners have favored hardwood floors for generations. However, flooring options were expanded when prefinished and engineered wood flooring was introduced to the marketplace. The three types of wood are available in an eclectic mix of exotic and domestic wood species. You can find a variety of wood flooring at Munday Hardwoods, Inc. in Lenoir, North Carolina.

1. Man-made wood may be best for your project.

Unfinished and prefinished solid hardwood flooring is nailed to a wood subfloor. In contrast, engineered wood connects, so the floor floats above the subfloor. In addition, an engineered wood floor, with its hardwood surface and plywood base, tolerates moisture.

2. It’s best to consider more than looks when choosing wood flooring.

Munday Hardwoods, Inc. is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in hardwoods. We can advise you about the characteristics of each species - whether the wood darkens over the years, accepts stain well, fades in sunlight, has an active grain, etc.

3. Type of installation determines whether your floor has a flush or a beveled look.

On-site installation takes up to two weeks, but it's still considered the best way to install hardwood. Installers place planks tightly together and then seal them to create a floor that has a flush look. Wood floors that are constructed with prefinished boards have a beveled look.

4. Accessories are an essential consideration when choosing a flooring collection.

A hardwood flooring company often includes moldings, trims, and transition pieces along with hardwood planks in a flooring collection. Medallions that can enhance your floor may also be included. Be sure these accessories fit your space and design ideas as a practical measure.

Munday Hardwoods, Inc. installs all types of hardwood, and we offer free design consultation for homeowners and business people, too. We serve a region in North Carolina that includes Hudson, Morganton, Granite Falls, Taylorsville, Boone, Blowing Rock, Wilkesboro, and Hickory. In addition, our knowledgeable flooring specialists can assist you with your hardwood flooring project.